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Salt Delivery Program

Our Salt Delivery Program is our way of taking care of the customer. This worry-free service makes sure our customers have the highest quality of water at all times. We put customers front and center in everything we do and that’s why we’ve created this program.


  • Resin Guard additive
  • 100% Natural
  • No Iodine
  • Double handled bag
  • Automatic route deliveries
  • NEVER run out of salt
  • FREE water testing
  • Works in ALL BRANDS of water softeners
  • Delivery available to homes or businesses
  • 40lb. Bags

Man Checking his clipboard in front of a truck full of salt from Kinetico of Magic Valley

A Kinetico employee pouring a bag of salt into a container.

We have two plans to help fit your needs. For residential drop-off we bring the bags to your house and leave them by the door. For the residential super service we bring the bags to your house, fill your tank and test your water to make sure all is working correctly. Our Salt Delivery Program is here to help make your life simpler. So you can enjoy the benefits of your soft water system.