Why do I need a water treatment system?

Over 85% of the United States has hard water, but Idaho has some of the more difficult water you’ll find anywhere. Most of our water comes from the Snake River and by the time the water gets to our homes, it has accumulated high levels of dissolved minerals like Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, and in some cases, Arsenic. Most of the water in Idaho is between 10 and 25 grains per gallon, which is┬áconsidered “extremely hard” by the Water Quality Association.┬áSince hardness is really dissolved rock, the average family of four will have more than 15 pounds of rock per year in their water for each grain of hardness.

These mineral deposits in your home from hard water can:

  • Ruin water bearing appliances (cutting the life of washing machines, dishwashers, and hot water heaters by up to 50%)
  • Increase energy costs for water heaters by 1/3
  • Destroy faucets and fixtures (costing hundreds of dollars to replace)
  • Build up scale on fixtures and shower doors
  • Clog plumbing (re-piping your home costs thousands of dollars)
  • Produce cloudy ice cubes
  • Make unsightly rings in the toilet and bathtub (soap scum)
  • Dry out skin and hair
  • Leave spots and stains on dishes and silverware
  • Turn white fabrics gray, fade colored laundry, and cause towels to feel hard and stiff
  • Require additional cleaning time and the use of environmentally un-friendly cleaning products with phosphates/water softening agents
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